rust and stardust



hello from london!!!! our flight was lovely and british airways has such better service than any american airline i’ve ever flown
we passed by a ton of landmarks driving to our hotel and i think i squealed a million times because i knew everything because of sherlock
we went out for dinner at an indian restaurant (they put a candle on the table…of course) and now i am super tired despite the 5 hour time difference (it’s midnight here)


Domestic Johnlock  (◠‿◠✿)

Only one in the world. I invented the job.



Both of them work in the same cinema at 221B Baker Street, one is a projectionist, the other is a ticket seller. They’ve never really talked to each other, well, not until Sherlock finally went up and impressed John with his extensive knowledge of film. “That… was amazing," John says. 

Cinema AU 

Colours meme: Green for Jealousy

(Since William Shakespeare’s use of terms like “green-eyed monster”, the color green has been associated with jealousy and envy, from which the expressions “green with envy”, are derived. The Greeks also believed that jealousy was accompanied by an overproduction of bile, lending a yellowish-green pallor to the victim’s complexion.)


you told me once. that you weren’t a gay show. sometimes I didn’t even think you were joking but let me tell you this. you were. the gayest. most gayest gay show. that I have ever seen and no one will ever convince me that johnlock was a lie so. there.
you were so gay and I owe you so much. but there’s just one more thing one more thing one more miracle sherlock for me dont. be. straight. would you do that for me just for me. just stop it. stop this.